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Interface IArgdownRequest


  • IArgdownRequest



Optional abstract

abstract: undefined | string

Optional author

author: string | string[]

Optional date

date: undefined | string

Optional input

input: undefined | string

The Argdown input that should be parsed.

Optional logExceptions

logExceptions: undefined | false | true

Should exceptions thrown by plugins be logged?

Optional logLevel

logLevel: undefined | string

Set to "verbose" to get a lot of infos.

Optional logger

Optional process

process: string[] | string

If an array is used: the processors that should be executed in order by the ArgdownApplication during the current run.

If a string is used: the name of the process to be found in IArgdownRequest.processes. ArgdownApplication will then try to run the processors defined in that process.

Optional processes

processes: undefined | object

A dictionary of processes that can be run by using run({process: "processName", input: ..., processes: ...}).

Keys are the process names, values are IProcess objects.

Optional subTitle

subTitle: undefined | string

Optional throwExceptions

throwExceptions: undefined | false | true

Should the application throw exceptions from plugins?

Optional title

title: undefined | string

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