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Interface IProcess

IProcess objects are IArgdownRequest objects with a mandatory process field. They can not contain processes themselves.

In all other respects they are identical to IArgdownRequests.


  • IArgdownRequest
    • IProcess



Optional color

Settings for colorization

Optional data

Settings for the DataPlugin

Optional dot

Settings for the DotExportPlugin

Optional group

Optional html

Settings for the HtmlExportPlugin

Optional input

input: undefined | string

The Argdown input that should be parsed.

Optional json

Settings for the JSONExportPlugin

Optional logExceptions

logExceptions: undefined | false | true

Should exceptions thrown by plugins be logged?

Optional logLevel

logLevel: undefined | string

Set to "verbose" to get a lot of infos.

Optional logger

Optional map

Settings for the MapPlugin

Optional model

Settings for the ModelPlugin


process: string[] | string

A list of processors to be run or a name of a built-in process (like "export-svg").


processes: undefined

Processes can currently not contain definitions of other processes

Optional selection

Settings for the PreselectionPlugin

Optional throwExceptions

throwExceptions: undefined | false | true

Should the application throw exceptions from plugins?

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