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Settings used by the HTMLExportPlugin


  • IHtmlExportSettings



Optional allowFileProtocol

allowFileProtocol: undefined | boolean

Optional charset

charset: undefined | string

Optional createHeaderFromMetadata

createHeaderFromMetadata: undefined | boolean

Create a document header from config data

Looks for config.title, config.author, config.date, config.subTitle and config.abstract. If present will insert the data into a header section, using h1 for the title. The only field required for this is the title field.

Optional css

css: undefined | string

Optional cssFile

cssFile: undefined | string

External CSS file to include in the HTML head section.

Optional head

head: undefined | string

Optional setting to specify a custom head section.

Optional headless

headless: undefined | boolean

Remove sourrounding html and body tags, remove head section of HTML.

Instead a simple div containing the argdown HTML is returned.

Optional lang

lang: undefined | string

Optional normalizeLink

normalizeLink: undefined | ((url: string) => string)

Function to normalize links.

Optional outputDir

outputDir: undefined | string

Where should the html file be saved (if SaveAsPlugin is used)?

Optional validateLink

validateLink: undefined | ((url: string, allowFile: boolean) => boolean)

Function to test if a link is valid.

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