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Interface IArgdownRequest


  • IArgdownRequest
    • IArgdownRequest



Optional abstract

abstract: undefined | string

Optional author

author: string | string[]

Optional color

color: IColorSettings

Optional copyDefaultCss

copyDefaultCss: ICopyDefaultCssSettings

Settings of the CopyDefaultCssPlugin

Optional data

data: IDataSettings

Optional date

date: undefined | string

Optional dot

dot: IDotSettings

Optional graphml

graphml: IGraphMLSettings

Optional group

group: IGroupSettings

Optional html

html: IHtmlExportSettings

Optional ignore

ignore: string[]

Files that should be ignored if a file glob is used in IArgdownRequest.inputPath

Optional include

Settings for the IncludePlugin

Optional input

input: undefined | string

Optional inputPath

inputPath: undefined | string

The file or files to be loaded.

Use a file "glob" to load more than one file (e.g. "*/.argdown").

Optional json

json: IJSONSettings

Optional logExceptions

logExceptions: undefined | false | true

Optional logLevel

logLevel: undefined | string

Optional logParserErrors

logParserErrors: undefined | false | true

Optional logger

logger: IArgdownLogger

Optional map

map: IMapSettings

Optional model

model: IModelPluginSettings

Optional outputPath

outputPath: undefined | string

Use the output path to set a custom path and file name for an export. All export plugins will use this name and folder.

Otherwise the new file will have the same name as the exported Argdown document (e.g. debate.argdown -> debate.svg) and export plugins will use the folder in their settings.

Optional outputSuffix

outputSuffix: undefined | string

Will be added to the filename of an exported file.

Example: If suffix is "-map1" and the input file is "my-debate.ad", by default the svg export will save a file called "my-debate-map1.svg".

This is useful if you use several different selections in your custom processes that should not overwrite each other.

Optional pdf

General pdf settings

Optional plugins

plugins: object[]

Add custom plugins to the Argdown application.

Plugins will be removed again after the current run. If you want to add plugins permanently, use AsyncArgdownApplication.addPlugin.

Optional process

process: string[] | string

Optional processes

processes: undefined | object

Optional rootPath

rootPath: undefined | string

The root directory relative to which paths are defined.

By default this is the current working directory.

Optional saveAs

Optional selection

selection: ISelectionSettings

Optional stdout

Optional subTitle

subTitle: undefined | string

Optional svgToPdf

Settings for the SvgToPdfExportPlugin

Optional throwExceptions

throwExceptions: undefined | false | true

Optional title

title: undefined | string

Optional vizJs

Settings for any plugin using Viz.js, for example the DotToSvgExportPlugin

Optional watch

watch: undefined | false | true

If true, Argdown will execute the defined process each time a file has changed that is selected by IArgdownRequest.inputPath

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