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Settings for the DataPlugin


  • IDataSettings



Optional frontMatterSettingsMode

frontMatterSettingsMode: FrontMatterSettingsModes

If set to "ignore", any settings in the frontmatter will be ignored. If set to "default" or undefined the front matter yaml data settings are merged as default settings into the request object. If set to "priority" the yaml data settings overwrite any external settings. This makes it possible to configure plugins without using an external argdown.config.js file.

Optional switchToBlockFormatIfMultiline

switchToBlockFormatIfMultiline: boolean

If false the YAML data of arguments, statements and headings is always parsed with the outer curly brackets. In this case the YAML data has to always be in inline format which looks similar to JSON data.

If true the data is parsed without the outer curly brackets if the opening bracket is followed by a line break. This means that the YAML data has to be in block format instead of the JSON-like inline format.

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