Configuration in the Frontmatter section

While using config files is in most cases the better solution, adding configuration options to your Argdown document has the advantage of being comfortable. It is a good option for quick experimentation or demonstrations.

The Frontmatter section of an Argdown document uses YAML as its data format. If you are unfamiliar with YAML or the syntax of the Frontmatter section please read the section in the Argdown syntax documentation.

Here is the configuration from the previous section as YAML data in the frontmatter section of an Argdown document:

    excludeDisconnected: false
        - H1
    statementSelectionMode: with-relations
    statementSelectionMode: text
    removeTagsFromText: true

[t1]: s1
    - <a>
    + <b>

Throughout the Argdown guides and syntax documentation the Frontmatter configuration option is used extensively to demonstrate the different configuration options.