# Using logical symbols and emojis

You can use any unicode symbol you want in Argdown. However, it is often cumbersome to copy & paste special characters into a document. Instead you can use shortcodes in Argdown that will be transformed into unicode characters in all export formats.

Shortcodes are surrounded by dots or colons:

[s1]: q :love:
    + <a1>:  p .^. (p .->. q)
        + <a2>: :+1: :happy:
Argument Map n0 s1 q 😍 n1 a1 p ∧ (p β†’ q) n1->n0 n2 a2 πŸ‘ πŸ˜€ n2->n1

Click on the "Map" button to see the unicode characters.

Here is a list of the shortcodes that are currently supported by default:

Shortcodes Unicode character
.~. or :~: Β¬
.A. or :A: βˆ€
.E. or :E: βˆƒ
.->. or :->: β†’
.<->. or :<->: ↔
.^. or :^: ∧
.v. or :v: ∨
.v_. or :v_: ⊻
.<>. or :<>: β—‡
.[]. or :[]: β—»
.O. or :O: 𝗒
.P. or :P: 𝗣
.+1. or :+1: or .up. or :up: πŸ‘
.-1. or :-1: or .down. or :down: πŸ‘Ž
.y. or :y: or .check. or :check: βœ”
.n. or :n: or .cross. or :cross: ❌
.?. or :?: or .question. or :question: ❓
.star. or :star: ⭐
.heart. or :heart: ❀
.happy. or :happy: πŸ˜€
.smile. or :smile: or .smiley. or :smiley: ☺️
.laugh. or :laugh: or .lol. or :lol: πŸ˜†
.rofl. or :rofl: 🀣
.joy. or :joy: πŸ˜‚
.love. or :love: 😍
.wink. or :wink: πŸ˜‰
.shush. or :sush: 🀫
.meh. or :meh: 😐
.eye-roll. or :eye-roll: πŸ™„
.sad. or :sad: 😒
.disappointed. or :disappointed 😞
.scream. or :scream: 😱
.think. or :think: πŸ€”

# Adding custom shortcodes

If you are missing a special character in this list, you can simply add a custom shortcode in your configuration:

        ":bomb:": {unicode: "πŸ’£"}

    - <a>: :bomb:
Argument Map n0 s1 n1 a πŸ’£ n1->n0

# Using the ArgVu font ligatures for logical symbols

If you use the ArgVu (opens new window) font with Argdown code and activate the dlig font ligatures, the shortcodes for logical symbols will automatically be displayed as their unicode counterparts (so :A: will look like βˆ€ and :<->: will look like ↔), without changing the underlying code. This way you can "magically" enter logical symbols in an Argdown document without copy & paste.

You can try this out in the Argdown Sandbox (opens new window) by clicking on "Use ArgVu font" above the code editor.